June 27, 2017


This is a 6 week program designed to build lean muscle, increase strength, and keep body fat at a minimum. A combination of dropsets, supersets, megasets, and a variety of training methods, this program was built around putting stress on your muscles promoting overall growth. 

This training ideology can be used all year round with slight changes to exercises, sets, and reps to keep the body and mind guessing. We suggest to use the recommended EVL Product Stack provided in this program. Combining the proper supplementation along with diet and training is key to overall growth.



This is the tutorial page to show you to understand the program. This is not your standard 3 sets of 8, next exercise, repeat training guide. This involves supersets, megasets, dropsets, and a variety of training methods that aren’t your typical approach to the gym.

Superset Example: The goal of a Superset is to maximize time and is performed when two exercises are worked in a row without stopping. In this example, you would start with the first set of 10 of Machine Rows followed by the first set of 15 reps of Machine Chest Press.

Megaset Example: A Megaset is designed to compact as much volume into one working set. In this example, you would do 5 sets of 10 reps with Machine Cable Flyes. After each set of 10 reps, you would move to the next set of 10 reps while lowering the weight and having no rest time in between.

Dropset Example: Dropsets are a training method where you perform an exercise followed by lowering the weight and continuing for more reps. In this example, you would perform the first set of 12 reps with Dumbbell Front Raises, followed by lowering the weight for the second set of 12 reps with Dumbbell Front Raises.