April 27, 2017

By far, one of the most common excuses that people give for skipping their workouts is lack of time. And, often, this is based on a wild misunderstanding of what it takes to really get an effective workout. The truth is that, with careful planning, there's no reason to dedicate hours to the gym each time you head in for a workout.

In fact, we're about to show you how you can get one of the most impactful workouts that you've ever experienced – in about 10 minutes.

But first, let's talk about how it works. 

The Basic Principles

In order to really make you're limited time count, there a couple of little tricks that we need to employ.

First, the entire workout is going to function as a circuit. This means that you'll move from one exercise to the next with as little rest as possible, adding a cardiovascular element to your routine. The circuit method will also allow you to speed through the routine, despite getting a full-body workout.

Which nicely brings us to our next point: You need to challenge all of your major muscle groups. So that you aren't cranking out an absurd amount of exercises, your time is best spent with compound movements. This will include complex, multi-joint exercises that activate several different muscle groups all at once – with a specific focus on your largest, hungriest muscles.

And that's really all you need to know.

The Workout

So, with those guidelines in mind, how do you actually chain together a workout? Here is a basic example using only bodyweight exercises - but you can fairly easily piece something together for yourself based on your needs, fitness level, preferences and available equipment.

As mentioned, you'll perform each exercise for the required number of reps and then immediately move on to the next. Once you've completed the entire circuit, rest for 90 seconds before repeating the pattern.

  • Deep squats – 10 reps
  • Reverse Lunge – 10 reps (each leg)
  • Pull-ups – 10 reps
  • Bodyweight Shoulder Press – 10 reps
  • Push-ups – 10 reps
  • Mountain climbers – 30 seconds

Again, this workout is meant to be a basic example. Feel free to use variations on any of these exercises if you need to adjust the difficulty.