August 17, 2017

When you think about ‘health’, what comes to mind? Achieving a healthy body weight perhaps? Or maybe it's disease prevention? Whatever the case may be, one area of your health you need to be sure you aren’t overlooking is that of your immune health.

Maintaining a strong immune system is important to not only preventing disease in the long run, but also ensuring that you feel your best on a day-to-day basis.

While getting enough sleep each night and keeping your overall stress levels low are two very important things you should be doing to boost your immune health, getting enough protein in your diet plan is also essential.

So how does protein help boost your immune system? Many people do not realize this connection exists, so let’s explain further so that you can see why getting more protein into your day is absolutely essential.

Protein And Post Workout Recovery

Each and every time you step into the gym and do a hard workout, you are going to tax your immune system. Exercise places great strain on the body and over time, this can add up, wearing you down.

Ever notice how after a very hard period of training you tend to fall ill more easily? If that common cold struck at around the same time you were training hard to reach a new PR, it’s no surprise. Too much strenuous exercise does hamper immune system levels.

Since protein plays a key role in helping you recover from exercise and thus bounce back quicker, that means it also indirectly helps ensure that your immune system strays strong.

By getting enough protein into your diet, you’ll kick-start the repair and recovery process from exercise, keeping your body feeling its best.

Protein And Blood Glucose Regulation

Next, protein is also essential when it comes to glucose regulation. When your blood sugar levels are all out of whack due to eating too many processed carbs in your diet plan, this too can take a toll on your immune function.

Your immune system is stressed any time your body is out of optimal function so your best bet is to do everything you can to ensure that all systems are normalized.

Eating protein with each meal – especially those higher in carbohydrates will help.

Whey Protein And Immunoglobins

Finally, last but not least, note that one particular type of protein – whey protein powder actually contains compounds called immunolgobins, which help to strengthen the immune system further.

It’s been shown by research published in the Immunology & Cell Biology that ingesting whey protein can help to increase the level of fighter cells that make up the immune system, ensuring that you put up your best defense against any invading bacteria or virus.

Sip a protein shake such as   Stacked Protein  once per day and you’ll reap these benefits.

So there you have the three key ways that adding more protein to your day can help jumpstart your immune function. Are you getting enough?


Cross, Martin L., and Harsharnjit S. Gill. "Modulation of immune function by a modified bovine whey protein concentrate."  Immunology & Cell Biology 77.4 (1999).