October 09, 2017

It’s Bulk Season!

Summer’s over, the weather is cooling down, and the sweaters/jackets are coming out. Who really cares about being super lean at this point? It is the perfect time to put on some fluff/size, its bulk season!

Our first questions though is what is bulk season? Why do so many people in the fitness world partake in this phase?

Purpose of Bulking

Bulk season is a phase where individuals intake more calories than they expend in order to put on more muscle mass. During this process, body fat gain is normal and adds to the overall size increase. The goal here is to pack on as much muscle mass before the cutting season, which you would then decrease the calorie intake to shed the extra layer picked up to reveal the new developed muscle.

How to determine if you should bulk?

Going on a bulk really depends on your preference and goals. It does not have to begin based off a season. As far as a body type, it is ideal for those that have completed a successful cutting phase to begin a bulk. This approach eliminates excessive body fat gains as well health issues. Most body builders will bulk after dropping into the single digit body fat percentage or if their focus is to move more weight for things like powerlifting competitions.

Nutrition around bulking

There’s only one way to put on the size you’ll want, and that’s to EAT! The 70% kitchen 30% gym rule is something that should definitely be practiced.

Bulking requires you to be in a caloric surplus which means the macros you were meeting during your cut won’t “cut it”. Now we increase numbers in each area: protein, carbs, and healthy fats. If you’re confused as to how much you should increase each by, here’s a rule of thumb to follow for a bulk.

Protein: 1-1.5g x your body weight Carbs: 2-3g x your body weight Fats: 0.5-0.7g x body weight

So if you do your current math and your not meeting at least these minimums, its time to step it up!

Bulking Tips

Now that you understand the purpose of bulking, you’ve determined you want to bulk, and you’ve gotten your nutrition in order. Here are some tips to guide you in your journey to success this bulk season.

  • Track your macros - remember, our goal is to make sure we are in a surplus but to also make sure we don’t go overboard.
  • Supplement appropriately - include supps to assist such as creatine, intra carbs, mass gainers. Save the CLA & Carnitine for cutting season.
  • Cut Back on Cardio - not saying eliminate cardio completely, but around this time you’ll have to step back from the treadmill to conserve those calories you’ll need for growth.

More compound lifts- the best lifting approach for growth is to incorporate multiple muscles in one excercise. Here is where more growth hormones will be tapped into. Squats, deadlifts, presses, rows are just a few awesome lifts for your bulk.

• Keep It Clean - a lot of people think bulking means you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Remember that our focus is to increase muscle mass, not body fat. When cutting time comes around, you want to make that process as smooth as possible.