August 15, 2017

Name:  James Boggia
Instagram:  @jpboggia
Age: 25
Height: 6ft
Weight: 80kg (177 pounds) 

Why did you get started with your fitness journey?
I wanted to try help prevent all the injury that comes from extreme sports. After my second ACL surgery, I had too much hunger to not be the guy on the sideline watching. I'm too much of a competitor to not be involved. I always want to be pushing my skills within wakeboarding, the crossfit box and the weight room. 

What is your ultimate goal with fitness?
When my professional wakeboarding career is over I would love to start a strength and conditioning program/school for selected professional extreme sports athletes and show them they can be so much stronger, injury prone and reach a higher level with the correct cross training work. 

What is your current training program?
I have been at Unit27 phuket Thailand for the last 10 weeks on a 6 days a week program consisting of one lifting class, crossfit, and a high intensity workout per day. 
What does your diet consist of?
I love my chicken and steak so will have that for most meals but I have been living in Asia so much that I'll have brown rice with nearly every meal now. Every meal loaded up with broccoli and sweet potato. 

What are your Top 3 Favorite EVL products?
BCAA Lean Energy
Stacked Protein 
ENGN Shred 

Advise to people starting out with fitness
The first thing is making sure you seek out true professional help who really know what they are talking about. Everyone's body works different and getting the correct information and training schedule is a must in my opinion. Just remember everyone had to start somewhere. If you put in the hard yards the results will come. Never give up on the dream and life change you have and all your wildest dreams can come true.